June 7th, 2010

ginko with tea 1

Life and stuff.


Things are mostly going well for me. I've finally cleared some floor space and started using Wii Fit. I'm in bad enough shape where I find it challenging, and for now I'm just trying to make myself use it every day, and to increase the time I spend on it by a few minutes every day. Once I'm more established I'll set goals of amount of calories burned instead. Some of the 'exercises' aren't strenuous at all, while some I work up a sweat in. It's a start. I've been at it for almost a week now.

I've noticed I feel good when my virtual personal trainer compliments me. It's a bit silly, and I don't always agree, but when he says I move beautifully I almost blush. I hadn't realized how much I had missed being complimented by cute guys. Even if they aren't real.
My weight has gone down a little bit. I'm going to have to lay off the chocolate and mind my portion sizes if I'm going to make it. My caloric intake is higher than it should be, because I'm almost always hungry.
Anyway, going at it slowly. I've set a three-month goal of shedding a significant-but-not-overwhelming amount, which still won't get me out of the BMI category of overweight-but-not-obese, but at least near the bottom of it.

Today was another day of gorgeous weather, so I cut my wii fit session short and went for a walk to the lake instead. It was lovely, and I think the water is starting to edge close to a temperature where swimming is an option.

In Okami, I'm near the end of my second play-through. I'm missing ONE stray bead - the one you get for racing Kai through Yoshpet. I've improved some; on my last run I managed to keep up with her for the first and second segment, but then hit some of the hazards during the third segment and lost her. I'll probably make it eventually - I've become rather familiar with the course and more skilled at avoiding the hazards. It's a bit boring to do the same thing over and over again, though.

Odessa is hunting a lot. Last night she caught and ate a large mouse, then sometime between 6 AM and noon (while I was sleeping) she killed a bird and a shrew, and ate the bird. Without even telling me. I have no idea how I slept through that - she's usually very vocal about it when she's caught something.

It's my first day off the anti-depressant and I feel pretty good. Still sleep a lot.