August 27th, 2010


No time to breathe! The next crisis is upon us.


Just when I felt I was getting somewhere, when I finally had a small amount of energy left over that I could put to use in improving things... (and I did: cleaned the kitchen a fair deal. It looks better than it has the past half a year if not longer.) That's when new issues turn up to sap my energy.

I logged into my bank today, to put some more money into my 'savings' account and to pay a couple of small bills that aren't due for another couple of weeks (best get it out of the world while I still remember to). While I was there, I checked my statement and saw a charge that really should not be there. Cue mild panic - how do I deal with this?
I'm sure it's just a honest mistake. The charge appears to be from a restaurant I have previously visited - in fact, the charge is an exact duplicate of the last time I was there, almost exactly a year ago. The only contact info I can find for the place is a phone number. It's in the US. I do not want to make a long international call from my cellphone. As long as this is an isolated incident, it is not worth the mental energy it would cost me to clear up vs the money I lose if I just leave it. Of course who I should be calling is my bank. But I really do not feel up to doing that now. Maybe tomorrow, but probably not then either.
Probably just a mistake someone made, but there's the nagging suspicion that maybe there's been a leak or there's a dishonest employee or something. That a restaurant keeps their customers' credit card information for a full year seems a bit odd to me. Is that normal?

Then later today, I wanted to use my external harddrive, which I haven't used for months. Plugged it in, nothing. After a while I noticed that when I plug in the power, the light on the power supply flashes on and then immediately fades again, so I suspect I need to replace the power supply. It acts this way both if the drive is plugged in at the other end, and if it is not. The drive is out of warranty (expired last month if going by date of manufacture, two and a half weeks ago if going by the date of purchase). It looks like I can buy a replacement power supply, but the available unit does not list my model drive specifically and that's causing me a bit of stress. Also, friends are pestering me to open the case and have a look at it - the warranty is expired anyway so it doesn't matter if I void it by opening it. I don't want to do that, but the only reason I can find as to why I don't want to is that I wish for it to be the power supply and that I can fix it by replacing it. That's illogical.

I shouldn't have to deal with these things. I don't want to have to deal with these things.
ginko with tea 1

One down, one to go.


I love my bank, I do. I didn't have to call about that issue, because they have a chat service available when logged in! A customer service person did some stuff behind the scenes and I filled out a form and it's all going to be taken care of without me having to speak to another person. (hopefully)

If I want my card blocked, I'm going to have to actually call, though. I think I'll do so at some point, just as a precaution, and I'll be monitoring my account more closely to see if there's any more shady business going on.

Now, about the issue of the external drive. I can either open the case (which would void the warranty if it wasn't already expired) and plug it in as an internal drive, or I can buy a new power supply that I'm not completely certain is the right kind, but it looks like it is and there's no other choice.

Option A, pros: doesn't cost anything, no wait.
  cons: I might break something. I'm getting the new drive I just ordered in the mail tomorrow and I can't use them both because Yoki can't handle more than two SATA drives. So while I could probably access the contents, I wouldn't be able to make regular use of the drive because that slot is going to be filled by another drive 3x the size of this one.

Option B, pros: Well, if that solves it, problem solved and everything is peachy!
  cons: if it doesn't solve it, waste of money. Costs money, even if not a whole lot. Have to wait for it to ship.