September 19th, 2010

yarn, kitty

Things that are going on.


Odessa is in poor health. She's pretty much stopped eating, and it took me a while to notice, because she still eats treats that I give her - I noticed when I went to fill her food bowl for the night and saw I didn't need to. It's been several days now, and she's lost a lot of weight (about 1kg down from her normal weight, which is A LOT for a cat). I got her to eat a little by making a cat food smoothie out of a can, but even then she ate very sparingly. I'm worried about her and planning to take her to the vet on Monday.

To make things worse, my insomnia has escalated. For at least five nights now, I've barely slept at all, getting maybe an hour or so, until I can finally get 2-3 hours more during the morning. This is a great problem since going to the vet requires me to be up no later than 7. If I can manage to be somewhat efficient in the morning. So I'd aim for 6:30.

I shared some of my fish dinner with Odessa, and she ate it all. Thawed some more fish and prepared it for her, and she wouldn't even wait for it to cool down before eating. I'm pretty sure she's on the mend, but I'd still like to get her checked out by a veterinarian. She's still not eating her regular food.