May 18th, 2011


today's capacity for witty subjects: zero.


Had a visit today - a carpenter has reviewed the place and I have been told to clear out the entire bathroom, kitchen and significant portions of the hallway, preferably by Monday. Yeah, fat chance of that happening if I don't get some help.. I've done wonders today - if I could keep going like this every day, I might make the deadline, but there's no way I'm going to have five good days in a row. Oh yeah, and the cellar. That has to be decluttered too. I don't feel responsible for that, as none of the things down there are mine. I always meant to clear it out sometime, but it's creepy with all the spiders and I have all this visible clutter to deal with too. And with how damp it is, I couldn't even use it for storage, so there's no motivation. Maybe I could grow mushrooms down there or something. I like mushrooms.

I keep thinking 'I could do with a visit from my sister now'.

I finally cut apart Odessa's giant cardboard box to create a bit of space I can move stuff to. Emptied out the litterbox too, but haven't finished cleaning that corner yet. Might do it later tonight, or tomorrow. All this work is tiring me out.

Found on Friendsfriends: a talented artist with open commissions. - I'm thinking of getting one, but I have no idea what to ask for... too stressed out trying to find places to put my junk so things can finally move forward.