December 9th, 2011

yarn, kitty

So, vacation..


I am terrible at updating this.
Vacation has been pretty great. I've had some lows; over 2 months ago Zoan clumsily fell on my face and made a gash across my nose that I was positive was going to leave a scar.. but it healed up nicely and I can barely see a tiny part of it now.

I've been sick a couple of times. Not adapting to change in climate very well. Then about a week ago it looked like I was getting a bladder infection just like last year, but with drinking lots of fluids and taking it easy for a few days, my body miraculously managed to fight it off.

Down to just under a week left before heading back to Norway. It's different this time. I don't feel the urge to go back. It was strong last time, but then I had a cat to come home to. Now, I'm not so sure what awaits me. With the mild weather they've been having at home, there's no risk of water pipes freezing, but with my leaky roof, maybe some of my stuff will be damaged.

I have knit about half of the yarn I brought with me, maybe less. I've bought some new yarn and knit two balls of it.

I've read all but one of the books I brought with me, plus one kindle book I bought while here. Have only purchased one surplus book. Maybe if I can curtail my Skyrim addiction I can start on it before arriving home.

Getting low on tea. Not sure if I should bother buying more; tea is one of the few things that aren't particularly cheaper in the US, and I have lots of tea at home.

Productivity in reading and knitting plummeted on the release of Skyrim. My (second) character, nicknamed Squishy Mage, just hit level 45 today. Being a master at enchanting is wonderful; with four items of Fortify Destruction, I've reduced the casting cost of destruction spells to zero. I don't think they intended that.. Guess I don't need to lug around forty pounds of magicka potions anymore.

It is comforting to know it should only be about half a year until I see niichan again, but it might also be two years until I see everyone else..

I worry about how niichan will take it when I leave. It seems to get harder for him each time. It's kind of amazing that we've been doing this for so long.. my passport expires next year. It's been nine years since we first met face to face.