Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking


Slept crappily. It's cold, and I had to sleep with my 500W Halogen lamp on for heat. Maybe I should invest in an actual heating appliance, not a lamp that happens to generate quite a bit of heat. -_-

Got paid, which is always nice. Ordered the video card for Matsuri, I'll get an SMS when it is ready for pick-up (should be today).. Yeah, I could just walk down there and buy it the old-fashioned way, but I'm getting a couple of other minor things too, and it saves a bit of time to have them put the order together for me. For the other customers behind me in line, anyway. There are always long lines at Datakjeden.

But I'm mainly just posting to turn my sidebar calendar over from February to March. Even though it's pretty useless to me, since I can't configure it to start on Monday like all non-US calendars do*.

* Not a researched fact, just my guess. Wouldn't be very surprised if Canada did the "week starts on Sunday" thing too. Enlighten me?

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