February 13th, 2013

Chuunin - Iruka

generic entry


stuff going on:

Knitting - way behind on updating Ravelry with photos. Have not been knitting all that much anyway. If I step up the pace, I'll at least start on the last skein of yarn I brought with me before I go back. I've only ordered knitpicks once, and that was more tools than yarn anyway, so I'm about breaking even on yarn stash growth/spending. Currently working on a pair of red socks (dyed with Black Cherry kool-aid) with a bit of bias knitting to make them less boring.

Video games - such a timesink. Still enjoying XCOM: Enemy Unknown. I did the base assault on my current crazy game.. playing on Impossible and delaying the base assault until January. Sectopods and stuff. But that's okay, because I had blaster launchers.

TV - watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine while I'm here and can stream it for free through Amazon. Up to early season 4.

Reading, mostly short stories these days. Don't feel like starting a long book right now.

Had a great day yesterday where I got a lot of stuff done. Grocery shopping, picking up (preventative) meds at the veterinarian clinic, laundry, cleaning out two of the three litterboxes.

Monday we made cauliflower crust pizza. I think I saw the recipe reblogged on tumblr a couple of weeks ago and it had been sitting in an open tab ever since. I delegated the making of the sauce to aetherspoon, but otherwise did all the work myself. It turned out great, though I think I didn't quite squeeze out as much liquid as I should have from the cauliflower. Kind of couldn't with how steaming hot it was. Next time I will let it cool off a little first. Anyway, I was impressed by how tasty it was. I wouldn't have guessed it to be cauliflower-based if I had been blind tasting it.