March 1st, 2013

Self greenhair

Socks of 2013, January: Boo! Toe-up Socks.


Boo! Toe-up socks
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A lovely, quirky pattern. Very different from any other socks I've made before.
Yarn: Sandnes Sisu, dyed with kool-aid. I dyed this yarn back in the autumn of 2011. I was originally trying for something blue, but then I didn't pay much attention to which flavor I poured into the dye bath, and I got some (very red) Tropical Punch in there, because its packaging is blue. I decided to not waste the dye bath and just go with it. So it's red with a tinge of blue.
Somehow it took me from the first day of January to the last to complete them. And then I did the same for February's socks.