April 5th, 2014

Self greenhair

April, day 5


So, since I started posting daily on LJ, my LJ ranking has steadily been dropping. I do not understand this. Is it because no one comments on my posts? Remember the golden age of LJ when we'd have conversations in the comments of an LJ entry? I kind of miss that.

Maybe I should find myself a community to participate in. Though I don't know if there are any that are both small and active. Oh, and focused around a subject I care about. (pick any two, right?)
It has now been 22 days since I last got to buy groceries. It's getting more difficult to find sane things to eat. I found some bread at the bottom of the freezer. Had probably been there for around two years. Ran it through the toaster, it was okay I guess. A bit dry. Threw away some old ice cream permeated with ice crystals. I'd love to replace my ancient chest freezer with an energy-efficient standing freezer, but when I did the calculations a year or two back, it would take EIGHT YEARS for the power savings to pay for the appliance. Meanwhile mine actually works, but is crap, so it's not like I could shift it onto anyone else, and putting a working appliance in a landfill.. just, no. I'll keep using it for now.

The floor space I could save with a standing freezer, though.. I won't be sad at all if it just breaks some day. Until then I'll try to not keep it very full because I don't want too much food to go to waste.

I miss fresh food. That's probably the main reason why I want to grow food in my garden... to not have my fresh food intake limited to the week or so after each grocery run.

Today I discovered NRK's new Slow TV program, "Piip Show"-- it's a live cam pointing at a bird feeder designed to resemble a coffee bar. It is strangely addicting, and so far I've seen squirrels, tits, and a woodpecker. Go have a look, it streams internationally. It's often empty, but then something flutters into the scene, grabs a nut and leaves. I've gotten some reading done while halfheartedly watching.

Catching up and falling behind on doing the dishes, like the ebb and flow of the tide.

Got up around 10:30 this morning. So now that it's almost 10 at night, I am utterly exhausted.