April 7th, 2014

Self greenhair

April, day 7


Almost forgot to post today. Let's see.. Got up around 12:30. Haven't finished my knitting yet, but I might do so tonight still - only about 15 rows left.

Actually cooked dinner tonight.. eh. It didn't taste very good and it looked worse. Meals like this is what I think of every time my grandmother tells me I'm such a good cook, I could work in a restaurant, blah blah blah. No, I really couldn't. I can't even get out of bed before noon most days. The workload would be way too high for me, stressful environment, repetitive.. The task of cooking one good dinner a week is challenge enough for me. I'm not saying I'm bad; I can manage mediocre any day, but great? Yeah, once in a while. And I can't really choose when.

Anyway: Going to Eivindvik tomorrow. It'll be great to get some groceries at last.