April 9th, 2014

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April, day 8.


Up at 10 today; I set the alarm last night. Actually remember bits of the two dreams I had. Went to Eivindvik as planned. Got groceries. So tired now.

Got home, finished casting off my project, and am now struggling with mattress stitch. I think this would have been a lot easier if I had blocked it before seaming up..

Okay, that was pretty tough, but now it's all done, ends woven in, and now I just need to block it. Urgh. I don't have enough space to lay out my blocking mats anywhere, do I?

That's really all that happened today. Played a couple of missions in XCOM. Hyperwave decoder is online and I couldn't go after the Overseer UFO because my Firestorm still had 17 hours of repairs left from the fight with the supply ship I just took on earlier. Which means I probably won't get an A for this month.

Oh, crap, it's past midnight already. Oops. Well, I'm still up, so it's still the same day, right? Also because of DST it's not really midnight until 1 AM. Yup. Totally.
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April, day 9


Another day approaches its end. Today I had cooking duty again. Made burgers and fries. I wasn't all that enthusiastic about the result - I overcooked the fries a bit, so they were crispier than they should be. The burger was perfectly fine, but it lacked that special something. They didn't have any fresh lettuce at the store yesterday so I had to make do with bagged iceberg mix. My grandmother only ate half of her burger, but she finished off all the fries. I suppose junk food isn't a particular favorite category of hers, but she didn't complain or anything. Not that she ever would. I wish she would give me feedback; I don't have a good idea about what she likes and doesn't like.

I took a couple of photos of my now finished Cap Sleeve Lattice Top.

I've already cast on another one, modified to be knit in the round for the lower part. Casting on 216 stitches and then joining in the round was such a pain, especially when I was nearly done casting on and ran out of yarn for my long-tail cast-on. Ngh. Had to start all over again.