April 11th, 2014

Self greenhair

April, day 11.


I had a full night of sleep last night! I think I woke up once during the night, but quickly fell back asleep. All I had to do was drug myself. :P
(I got a new prescription for my old friend Stilnoct at my last doctor appointment)

Since it's habit-forming, I'm not going to take another one tonight.. though I really want to. It was so pleasant to fall asleep within half an hour or so of going to bed. There have been far too many nights where I have laid awake for 4+ hours.

Today has been stressful and emotional for me. Had a meeting with NAV, exploring my options for buying the cabin. From what the person there said, I'm going to need more money for renovations than I do for the actual buying of the cabin. Which means it's going to take me twice as long or more to pay it all back again, compared to what I had in mind before today. This deal seems to just get worse and worse... at which point do I walk away and abandon my dream? Not yet, anyway. Home ownership can be such a pain... but my aunt is not a good landlord and my life won't get any better if I stay renting this place. And this is where I want to be.

Knitting is coming along at a leisurely pace, reading is going slowly. I just can't sit down and read for very long at a time. I get restless. There are so many distractions. So many other things I should do. So little energy. Yeah, though I got the right amount of sleep, I still woke up tired. I recovered some energy during the first few hours awake, but it didn't last the full day. I kind of want to go to bed now, even though there are some vestiges of daylight left.
And I really want to dye some yarn. Maybe tomorrow. It's the same yarn as the last time, and it took a long time to soak before the dye bath. If the yarn has dry patches when I dye it, it won't turn out very well.
I think I'll do a couple of missions in XCOM and then head to bed, or something.