April 21st, 2014

Self greenhair

April, day 20


Up at 11:30 today. Had set an alarm so I could be prepared for Easter dinner with family. The food was awesome. My aunt is an amazing cook when she really wants to be. The leg of lamb roast was perfect, and the potatoes and gravy were so good I could have had nothing but and still be satisfied with the meal. The oven roasted vegetables were pretty good too. I wish I had my aunt's skill with seasonings. She used all the right herbs and spices, and the right amount of them too. The prep took a lot of time; it's not like she cooks up a feast daily - but on those special occasions like Easter and Christmas.. well, I'm glad I live here and get invited over for holiday dinners. :D

Free, delicious, and I don't have to do the dishes afterwards. What could be better?

Some more cleaning progress today. Finding things I haven't seen in years. Occasionally I'll find something I don't have a problem throwing out and get rid of it, but at my rate it'd still take years to get this place into shape. It's hard to let go. Every accumulated possession is evidence that I lived. Every stupid little grocery store receipt proudly proclaims that on that date, I was there, and I bought stuff.

I've always found it somewhat amusing/interesting that the norwegian word for "to shop" - "å handle" also means "to take action". I guess it's some sort of sneaky way of trying to make us feel empowered by shopping.

Played through several missions in XCOM tonight. EXALT missions are good for training up low-ranking soldiers, so I've been holding off the HQ raid for a while now.. I should probably go do it, but EXALT is such a non-threatening entity. I've done all the research, so they can't sabotage that. If they drain my credit reserves, I don't care. I have more money than I need. About all they can do is try to incite panic, but I haven't seen them get it all the way up to max recently.

School resumes on Tuesday, so the buses will be back to running as normal. I should go somewhere.. to Brekke at least, get fresh groceries so I can cook something good on Wednesday. Mom leaves on Tuesday too, so tomorrow will be my last day with her before summer.
Self greenhair

April, day 21.


Another great day. Not that I did a whole lot, but the weather was lovely. I can only describe it as summer. Quiet, barely a breeze, full sunshine, an impressive 16°C.

I've pretty much just been enjoying it. Threw down a towel to sit on in the garden, read a few chapters, drank tea.

I was annoyed at having to put clothes on and momentarily considered declining the offer of dinner from mom, just so I wouldn't have to get dressed. I'm glad I decided to suit up and attend dinner, though, because it was pretty good, and again: Free and effortless to me.

After dinner I went back home, undressed, lounged around a bit until I got a very mild sunburn, took a shower, and eventually put clean clothes on.

Mom is leaving tomorrow morning, so I might try to get up early so I can properly say goodbye. ..but I doubt that's going to happen; I feel like I'm going to stay up for several more hours. Might try catching the school bus on its return trip, go to Brekke and get groceries, wait 2 hours and take the regular bus back to Rutledal and walk the 3km (~2 miles) back home from there. I think we are close enough to summer now that it won't be completely dark before I get back.
Knitting is coming along at a decent pace. Back to socks again after this one. I have so much sock yarn I need to knit up. I have.. six sock pairs' worth of my own hand-dyed yarn, I think. Only one hank of undyed yarn left as far as I know. Saving it for a day I really feel like dyeing.

The store at Brekke has a good yarn selection.. I really don't need more yarn, but if they have undyed sock yarn, I'll probably pick up some.