May 23rd, 2014


Trip to Brekke today

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After dropping the kids off after school out here, the school bus returns to Brekke, and that means I can get to a store and I don't even need to put up with noise on the bus, because it's empty. And it's in the afternoon, when I'm generally awake.

The downside is that the return bus only takes me as far as the ferry lane at Rutledal, where I have an extra 3km to walk home.

So I got to Brekke, stopped by the electronics store that closes just 10-15 minutes after the bus gets there for general advice about my things and on the off-chance that they'd have a crock pot to sell me (they did not; had never even heard about the device). Then I grabbed something to eat, drank tea, and read for a while.

I knew I should have gone for a salty snack instead of a healthy sandwich, I thought to myself as I realized I needed to pee, badly. There are no public toilets in Brekke. I walked over to the gas station, but they apparently close really early in the afternoon, and of course keep their toilets locked. I was eyeing a couple of bridges, trying to see if I could get entirely out of view to do my business and have access to reasonably clean water to wash my hands after. But no luck there either. The landscape is pretty open everywhere and there wasn't really anywhere I could go where I didn't have a good potential to be seen. So I held it in and thankfully after a while the pressure lessened. But seriously, this is another of the reasons why I don't leave my house all that often. My bladder is fairly small.

So, grocery shopping. Grabbing the essentials and then spacing out just browsing.. then it occurred to me that the passage of time might not have slowed down just because I did, and glanced at the clock on my cell phone.

5 minutes until the bus, shit.

I rushed over to the cashier - thankfully there was no line and I was out of the store and over to the bus stop one minute before the scheduled time. If I had missed that bus, I would have been so screwed.

So the bus drops me off at Rutledal where I use the public bathroom that I am frequently grateful for the existence of, and start walking home. However I don't get far before my aunt shows up and gives me a ride. She was on the ferry that came in right after my bus. If I'd have spent three minutes longer in the bathroom I'd have missed her and potentially had to walk the entire way, with moderate-high encumbrance. In summer heat, wearing long pants. First thing I did on getting back home was to grab a cold beverage and strip down to my undies. I'm tired, but not exhausted. I'm glad I went, because I'm not sure when I'll next get a chance to go grocery shopping, and before going I was down to my last roll of toilet paper.