March 23rd, 2015

Self greenhair

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Feels unnatural to get up before 5 in the morning without having an international flight imminent. No, I'm just going on a supply run to Førde. I'm out of cat food - only have enough left for today. I didn't want to cut it this close, but I was feeling rather low last week.

Had a fairly productive morning. Even did my light  therapy, which is just half an hour of sitting there with the lovely full-spectrum lamp. Usually I eat breakfast and/or read during that time. Leftover chicken crock pot from yesterday. Need the protein. It's a 13-hour trip from leaving home to getting back again.
So I walked to Rutledal, despite it raining - it actually let up after a while. Didn't want to be on the school bus. I handle physical exhaustion better than mental/emotional.
Ferry to Rysjedalsvika on the other side of the fjord, waiting a bit, then bus to Lavik where I transferred to the bus I am currently on. It has Wi-Fi.

So, yeah.. I've barely made life signs online recently, outside of IRC, anyway. And hardly anyone has noticed my absence. A month without tweeting, and only my mom has mentioned it to me. Apparently I am indistinguishable from the void I leave behind.