October 2nd, 2015

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What a week...
Mom visited, almost unannounced. Called me last week and during the conversation uttered the words "as you know, I'm coming over tomorrow" and I was all "Whaaa? How was I supposed to know? No one tells me anything"

I didn't even see her for the first two weeks - we just spoke on the phone or texted. I didn't sleep well and was not up for going anywhere. Tuesday I joined her on her daily trip to Eivindvik to visit her mother/my grandmother, and stopped by the post office to pay the ransom on the package I had just received. Oh my stars, that purple yarn is just so incredibly soft. It is good to be knitting again.

Wednesday we went to Førde together. As I predicted, it was kind of exhausting - I think I'd have needed to split it into three trips if I'd been going by public transportation. Having someone willing to drive me places is amazing.

Stopped by the veterinarian office for a prescription for the cats. Just de-wormer. All animals' meds are prescription only as of a few years ago. I miss just going to the pharmacy and asking for meds. Now I have to speak with a veterinarian too, losing a few extra spoons in the process.
Bought 30kg of dry cat food and 24 single servings of wet food (they get to share one per day, but only after dawn when all three are together). Got new batteries for the cats' trackers, and two new collars to replace the lost one and the one Turbo had mostly shredded. There's still one tracker out there that might be recoverable, but I went right ahead and got the spare out. It's been ages since I've had trackers on all three cats now.
I even made a visit to Vinmonopolet (the state-run liquor store, literally "The Wine Monopoly" - grocery stores sell beer and cider and such, but nothing stronger) and got some hard cider (8% alcohol by volume, yeeeah), blackcurrant wine, and some (non-alcholic) ginger beer of a variety I haven't tried yet. In retrospect I should probably have skipped that part of the trip, but the store was right there and I had wanted to go for a while, and it wasn't that draining, but every interaction takes its toll.
Also bought a new space heater, which I'll probably need within a month. My partially-working one isn't going to be enough to get me through the winter, and I might have enough bad days in a row where I'll run out of firewood and not have the strength to get more.
Lastly we stopped by a cafe to get a bite to eat, and at a grocery store to pick up a few things, and then we were homeward bound again.

I barely got any reading done on the trip, but my knitting progressed by a fair amount. The day after I had a visit from the psychiatric nurse, which we cut short because I was so drained from the previous day. Seeing her again next week. I'll have to make sure I schedule some alone time in the two days before.

Spent most of yesterday just recovering. That's pretty much the plan for today too. It's raining, as usual. I'm okay.