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Matsuri's results for the FFXI Benchmark after getting the new video card: 1183 on High, 1582 on Low. Before getting the game, I'd like to replace one of the 128MB sticks of ram with a 512MB one, but SD-RAM is very expensive now, especially the larger denominations. (current RAM: 1x256MB, 2x128MB, no free slots)

It's gotten to the point where, most of the time, I VNC into Lorelai from Matsuri instead of vice versa.

I've bought Odessa a new litterbox, and those litter pearls she used at the cat hotel. I think she may prefer regular clumping litter.. And the litter pearls are noisier; she wakes me up around five every morning when she uses her toilet. -_-
But no dust, and less odors.

I can't wait for warmer seasons, where I can let her leave and enter at will, and leave the box outside.

Also got her a collar, reflective with green inside. She looks very pretty in it. I had expected her to try to rip it off, having spent her entire life naked apart from when she's been on a leash for traveling, but she is accepting the change gracefully. I figure she will go missing after we move, so having my name and phone number on her can't hurt.

And now it's snowing again. Will it ever stop? I'm so glad I already finished today's quest of getting cat food and bread. Now I can spend the rest of the day reading, drinking tea and watching anime/TV.
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