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Game progress - Daggerfall: Lady Brisienna finally contacted me about the totem. I met up with her, and as per her request, I snuck into Castle Daggerfall, Exploring almost the entire dungeon before I found the treasure chamber, and after some lever pulling, I got the totem. Since then, I've been attacked three or four times by orcs sent by King Gortwog to steal the totem from me, and once by assassins sent by King Eadwyre of Wayrest. These did, of course, pose no threat to Izumi, who is now level 19, by the way. Have updated some of her spells, and replaced some equipment.

So now I have a year gametime to decide who gets the totem. Certainly not giving it to that craven traitor, Eadwyre, father of the most backstabbing bitch in all the realms, Princess Elysana. If I could give it to his wife, Queen Barenziah, I would. She's cool. And her offspring, Prince Helseth and Princess Morgiah, are so delightfully scheming, just as I'd expect Dark Elves to be.

I guess I'll give it to the Emperor. He's pretty much the only powerful character who has not ordered me killed at least once. :P I would have considered giving it to Gortwog if he hadn't assumed I wasn't going to.

Life progress: Umm.. none.
Tags: daggerfall

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