Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Anyone up? 12/03/06


Game progress: In Daggerfall, my Blackguard is making a name for himself in the accounting department of the Dark Brotherhood. He's also helping out the Mages' Guild in a similar capacity.

In Metroid Fusion, I have grasped the basics of that maneuver where you hold a charge, launch against a slope and keep running. However, I need a good deal more practice before I can get past more than two of those segments with crumbleblocks to get that power bomb tank. I have two or three more energy tanks since I last got my ass handed to me by the SA-X, maybe it's time to try again. There are still two more energy tanks I haven't acquired yet, though.

Life progress: My room looks nicer than it has for months. Although a bit stressed over things I should have done days ago, I have an optimistic outlook in regard to the near future. Tomorrow, I meet Johan to play tech support goddess for some friends of his, Tuesday I am meeting my Aniki for a night of Commodore 64 gaming, and Thursday I am traveling around six hours by train for another overnight hospital stay to find out what the heck is wrong with me.

The more I read apartment ads, the more I am convinced that I can't get anything nice at my current budget.
Tags: daggerfall, stuff

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