Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Reading apartment ads is depressing..


"Ideal for commuter or student" means "If you stay at home a lot, you will find this apartment lacking, but if you only need a place to sleep at night, it'll be all right"

I'm just sick of this - every day, reading badly written ads. They seem to want to cram people into tiny spaces and have them share both bathrooms and kitchens. I've seen a few nice ones that are only just outside of my price range, but they've specified no pets.

Meanwhile, the subway is plastered with advertisements for various places of higher education, cruelly reminding me that I can't afford to do what I really want.

I wish my parents hadn't sold the house we had at Brårud. Then I could move back home.. My family was not bad at all to live with. And we had a garden. It was a nice place to have cats. Our old cat, Gråpus, used to follow us around. I'd go for walks into the woods together with her. Once, I saw her suddenly tense up at the tiniest sound, jump, and emerge triumphantly from the underbrush with a mouse in her jaws.

Should I just find some place that is "better than here" and move, just to move again when something better comes along? Or do I wait for a place I'd like to live for several years?
Tags: woe

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