Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Got home just before midnight.


Tired now.

Had a great night playing Doctor Who and the Mines of Terror on my Commodore 64. So apparently there isn't anything wrong with my tape drive, which is great because we couldn't find the Bandana City tape [needed to adjust the tape drive] - found a lot of diskettes, but only a few tapes.

We got a lot further in the game than ever before, thanks to, you know, being able to read English, unlike when we were kids. Still, I don't think we got very far in the grand scope of things. We watched Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense: Child's Play, an old made-for-TV horror movie we saw when we were young. It wasn't scary at all, kind of cheesy, but fun to watch again after all these years.

Planned to meet again maybe next week, probably at my place. Or, if I'm going to his place again, I'd only need to bring the PSU and the game. Aniki has everything else that is needed.

Incredibly tempted to hook up the C64 to my TV right now. Or first thing tomorrow morning.. but I have things to do, a long trip to prepare for.

It looks like Odessa is going to have another night of entering and exiting ceaselessly. Not what I need right now. -_-
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