Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

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stress about my upcoming trip.


And I just finished eating breakfast at 16:45. And I had such grand plans for today. Well, it is in my best interest to tire myself out physically in the hopes that it'll help me sleep tonight.. I'll go through with my plan to walk into town to buy stuff - will take the subway back, I guess.

Going to pick up my train tickets so I won't have to possibly stand in line to do that tomorrow morning when I have very limited time before the train leaves.

Odessa has kept her end of our bargain, so now I owe her tulips. Everything else I planned to do can wait until after I get back.

I just have a bad feeling about tomorrow morning. Fear that I will be unable to get out of bed and get to the train in time. Maybe I won't sleep at all.

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