Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

I'm back.


Things went well, I think. It'll be weeks (I can't remember if they said two or four) until I'll have the results, though.

Took a lot of photos. I expect few of them to have turned out good, as many were taken from the train.

Starting to like my new keyboard a bit. Still think I would have preferred a non-"media keyboard", but I couldn't find one that was USB and not wireless. Will perhaps transplant the USB 2.0 card from Lorelai to Matsuri some time soon. Matsuri only has those two USB ports in the back; Lorelai has an additional three even before the four on the USB card. Those are all USB 1.1 though.

Anyhow, during my prolonged offline time, I got a lot of reading done. Should finish the book today if I don't get too busy playing some game or another. Already twitching to play Daggerfall or hook up the C64. Need to clear some space for the latter.

I am also out of bread, so I will have to journey to some grocery store outside of my immediate neighborhood.
Tags: computer geekery, everyday boring entry, medical log, reading

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