Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking


Not unexpectedly, Aniki had to postpone our gaming night yet again.

Game progress: Doctor Who and the Mines of Terror - Found the memory capsule, found the escape pod activator and the escape pods. However, have not completed the other two objectives of halting the mining of Heatonite and disabling the TIRU. Not sure how to proceed. This is why I love playing plot-based games together with my Aniki; because our brains work differently, we can often come up with a complete solution if we work together. I have also found a detonator.. but I have not been able to get the explosives.

Life progress: Meh. It sucks. I'm constantly tired, and sometimes the fatigue is accompanied by a headache. Am unable to focus on much. I can play games, but not without frequent pauses. Same for reading. I've tidied up my room a little, but I don't think I can handle larger tasks such as cleaning the shower cabinet. It needs to be done, and no one else is going to do it.

I hear someone in the house now, and Harriet-san said she'd be gone until Sunday, so it has to be the vile one. Probably here to foul up the bathroom and kitchen some more. Or to leave his dirty laundry in the washer and not turn it on for days, then to not remove his then clean clothes for another day or two.
Tags: everyday boring entry, retro gaming

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