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Whee. Due to the upcoming easter, I got the money for the next two weeks in advance, so now I can pay for my Essure without borrowing money from my dad! What amazing timing.

Also "upgraded" my Visa card. I now have a credit of up to 5000 NOK (no fees other than the interest when I use more than the money I actually have, so I'll try not to use it much). I was qualified for twice as much, but I'd never put myself that far in debt, so chose the lesser credit. I'd probably have gone with something like 2k if given the choice, but it was either 5k or 10k.

Anyhow.. I finished The Handmaid's Tale a few days ago. Loved it. Now I'm reading The Salmon of Doubt, which I got off a book auction last summer.

I've also been on a great One Piece kick these past few days. Caught up to what's subbed by Kaizoku-fansubs, and continued watching raws until the end of the Skypiea arc. I'm going to try to stop there for now, but that's not going to be easy when I've seen the preview.
But I should save some for later.

Otherwise, feeling kind of down with the feeling that I'm not doing anything with my life. I'm just sitting here watching it pass me by, exerting no effort to keep up with it. Watching fictional people living their dreams when I haven't done the slightest thing to get closer to mine in the past several months. I need to break out of this ennui, the sooner the better. I've wasted too many years of my life already. I don't want to be one of those people who are just there, taking up space.

And just a few days left before April 1st. I don't think I can pull off what I planned for my site with this little preparation. But I'll try.
Tags: money, reading, stress

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