Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

No rest for the wicked.


Too much to write about. I'll try to sum it up briefly. (well, I tried.)

Desperate for sleep, I went to bed shortly after 21:00. I had left a note at the entrance that I was trying to sleep and please have a care, in case anyone would arrive. I also take a Stilnoct. It has its effect, and I fall asleep before 22:00.

0:55 I wake up from the doorbell ringing multiple times, followed by a snowball to my window. The vile one has apparently lost/forgotten his key again (he does that, what, 2-3 times a year?). Granted, the note was on the inner door, so he didn't get so far as to see it before he so rudely awoke me, but he still rudely awoke me. I resolved to next time not let him in and instead call the police and say a nasty man is harassing me or something, but I think I was considering doing that last time as well. Anyhow, I point out the note to him and tell him to be quiet because I really need to sleep as I have an important event tomorrow before noon.

I go to bed and try to sleep, but it is useless. I can't feel the effect of the drug at all. The vile one's proximity makes me anxious. At least he's not talking loudly on the phone for 45 minutes right after midnight like last night, but I hear a door from time to time, and loud error sounds from his computer, multiple times. If he'd have muted it after the first, I could've written it off as carelessness, but I heard seven or so of those generic Windows XP error sounds. Obviously, he does not understand the concept of not being a bother to others.

I think it is around 3 AM that I no longer hear any sounds from downstairs. It's after 4 before I can finally sleep. I wake up at 6:30, unknown cause.

Had planned to get up at 7. I slide out of bed, spend some time at the computer, shower, have breakfast, relax a bit, leave. I have plenty of time, and it's not very far, so I walk. I arrive over an hour early. That's what books and waiting rooms are for.

I get called in. Of course they have to make certain I am well informed in my choice (umm.. that's what I signed that document for, that time), said stuff like "you're very young" which I countered with "I'm old enough" and "I've thought about it for a long time." Their "You have so many years ahead of you" almost made me laugh. "And I don't if I'm sterile?"

However, since I was so young they wanted to give me a tubal ligation instead of essure, because tubals are reversible! (What's the success rate for tubal ligation reversal? something like 30%? Certainly nothing to count on.) I said I wanted essure just because it was non-reversible. Anyway, since I wasn't completely decided on which method I preferred, I let myself get talked into taking a tubal ligation. After all, it has the advantages of no implants, a scar even if it's a really tiny one, and getting to be unconscious for the procedure (yay, give me the good drugs!)

I'm getting fixed on the 18th.

I did mention the whole bad economic situation unlikely to improve, and how a pregnancy would ruin everything (didn't mention abortions or how, if I was forced to carry it to term I'd kill it myself anyway [though I doubt I'd have the resolve to do that.. seriously, less than a handful of insects are on my kill on sight list], or anything about my belief that a spawn of mine would cause great calamity in the world, if not the destruction of it, because the requirement of getting sterilized is being over 25 and sane, and I didn't want them to get the wrong idea of me). Also mentioned that if my economic situation did work itself out and I wanted to do the parent thing, there is no shortage of kids in need of adoptive parents. So really, there is no need for me to be fertile.

One of the reasons they recommended laproscopic sterilization over.. what did they call it, hysteroscopic or something?.. was that it takes a bit more effort to dilate the cervix of a woman who hasn't birthed.

But I'm kind of annoyed that they're offering me a tubal now when I was told I could only get essure earlier. Couldn't they just have told me so right from the start? I was prepared for essure! Now I have to re-prepare myself for a tubal.

I also had my netherregions examined, which it was brief and not entirely uncomfortable.
Tags: die worthless parasite die!, insomnia, sterilization

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