Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Daggerfall oddities


I've been making this town in Northmoor, Gallotale or something my base. It has a bank, a Mages' Guild, and a Dark Brotherhood.

Now, my favorite mages' guild quest is the one where I am sent to a dungeon to kill a crazy mage. And every single time the dungeon they send me to is The Ruins of Old Lysyna's Place. I swear, that dungeon must have contaminated water supply or something, because so far I've probably killed a dozen mad wizards there.

I mentioned some time ago that Dalamar (my dunmer Blackguard) was infected with lycanthropy, and is now a wereboar. Anyway, recently the Brotherhood sent him to find out what's up with a missing Brother who went to a dungeon to account a shady character. Turns out the "baron" was a vampire, and the missing Brother needs to be accounted. I have a fair regeneration spell, so I just stand there and take damage, keeping out of mortal peril as my ability to regenerate is greater than the vampire's ability to cause damage. After the fight, I sleep, and yes, I get the dream.

You aren't supposed to get both vampirism and lycanthropy.

Granted, he hasn't turned yet, and I'm not sure if he will.. It'll be fun to find out. Then maybe he can just change to a boar to walk around freely during daylight! (But I have a feeling he wouldn't change back to a vampire after)

And last night I did that quest where a guy has kidnapped his sister's lover and you have to rescue the poor sod.
He wasn't in a dungeon. He was in the Mages' Guild. I asked people in the streets, and they were all "Oh, that guy, he's to the north, in the Mages' Guild"

"Thank Mara someone has found me! I thought I'd never get out of here. I've been wandering around these passages for days, trying to stay alive."

Um, yeah. I'll admit that in a few of the guildhouses, it is nigh impossible to find what you are looking for. But finding the exit? Not hard. There are often multiple. If you can't find your way out of the Mages' Guild, you deserve to stay there and rot.

Bonus: my previous character, Izumi the Wood Elf Healer, naked
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