Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking


Yesterday was horrible. Today has been pretty good.. for once it wasn't snowing in the morning.. or maybe it was and I just wasn't awake for it; I got up at noon. Yes, I spent nearly thirteen hours in bed. -_-
The only bad thing about today was how dirty things are around here.

Had a second chat with the only interesting guy who has ever IMed me on OKCupid. (Haha, Semagic's spelling suggestion for OKCupid is "stupidest"). Afterward, I called up Tina, whom I have not really talked to for months. I don't like how I just fall out of touch with people. And it really does get harder the longer I wait. So we might get together for some fun sometime this month. (Yay!)

I wonder.. if I hadn't called, would we both have waited until she needed computer assistance again?

I might need to stay overnight at the hospital after my surgery just for the fact that I'm alone - you're not supposed to be alone for the first 24 hours. And, well, everyone I know have either work or school, and I can't ask them to take time off. It'll be okay, Odessa has been alone for a day before, but I'll miss being online. I suppose I'll spend the time reading.. I'm way behind.
It just seems so silly, to stay overnight at a hospital that is walking distance from home.

Spent much of today playing Katamari Damacy. Made a few new records, picked up another cousin or two, but no further Royal Presents.

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