Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking


When I get my own place, I want a sofa that is just big enough for me to sit in even if the cat decides to occupy the middle.

And I'm going to sew my own curtains, or at least try.

I only bought one pack of Freia easter eggs this season, and I gave one egg away, so I've only had three. That's a record low for me. If you see it in stock in any store, let me know.. I want more. But I'm assuming they've gone as fast as every other year; sold out before easter.

I'm reading a science-fiction novel published in 1963. It's weird, because while it is about the first spaceship to travel to another solar system (Alpha Centauri of course) and return to Earth, there are no cell phones, and no internet. Not even pagers. You'd think that by the time we had faster-than-light travel, we'd have more efficient ways of contacting people than to call their home phones and hope they were there. XD

And the book's suggested retail price is 40 cents. I feel young again.
Tags: books, chocolate, stuff

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