Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Hello, credit card debt!


I suppose I should be proud that it's fairly shallow, even after the monstrous cost of my surgery. On Wednesday, everything will be fine again. But still.. I'm some 900 kroner in debt. That means I'll have less starting money on payday than I'm used to. Fortunately, I'll be going to the United States of America again on Saturday, and everything is so much cheaper there, so I'll have less expenses. I'll be able to buy a new pair of sneakers for 20 to 30 bucks, when a similar pair would cost five times as much back home, if they were on sale. Maybe I can get some pants as well.. I have approximately one pair that fits me well.

In other news, I walked to Båntjern again today, like I did a week ago. Still covered in snow and ice. But it was nice and peaceful, and I brought boiled water in my new thermos so I could enjoy some tea while reading. And the air felt so clean. I got tired on the way there, but after a while I passed the hump and it just felt good to be able to walk.

I have some doubts over whether I'll be ready to go to my mom's place as early as tomorrow, but I'll make an effort. The more time I spend there, the better for the cat. The only things keeping me here are my computers; I need to free up more HD space so I can download stuff while I'm gone. Like last time, I'll be checking up on my computers through VNC so I can download stuff while I'm gone.
I have a feeling I won't go until Wednesday. -_-

Also, the other day I was just randomly looking at kanji in NJStar, when I came across this one:

it has a meaning of "foolish" and "Russia". . .
(I later found out that it's not the character normally used to write Russia, but still..)

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