Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

I want a new mp3 player~


Money came in. After putting aside half the rent, estimated half of internet and phone bill, what's left is.. not going to last. But just before next payday, I'll be less in the negative (actually not in the negative, when you count the money set aside) than this time, and next time I'll be okay.

It's so tempting to buy things I want, things I deserve.. But it'd be foolish to buy a new mp3 player now when I'll be in the US in a few days.

this one looks nice.. it's not green, but then again very few players are, and none of them fall into my price range and/or meet my requirements
I love the fact that the memory is expandable using SD cards.. I already have a small spare. Reading the reviews now, some concerns about background noise, many recommend to replace the earbuds with a quality pair, some complaints on lacking playlist functionality. I think it will do.

Anyone who can find me a better one is welcome to try. I want a small, light player (not HD based), runs on AAA (or AA) batteries, preferably green, but as long as it's not fire engine red or shocking pink it's okay. At least 512MB storage. Removable memory is a big plus. Max price around 60 bucks, I guess.. though if it's green, that's worth another 20. >_>

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