Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking



Second day at my mom's place. So I sleep on a mattress on the living room floor, but I'm happy here. Odessa is happy too, now that she's allowed to go out. I took her for two walks on a leash, then went out together with her and watched her.. She didn't run away, and even let me pet her and pick her up. So, she no longer feels any need to escape. She's allowed outside by herself now, and she actually waits outside the door when she wants to come back inside.

I haven't seen her since I let her out at 4:30 AM, but she's probably sleeping in the barn or exploring somewhere. I can't really worry; she knows I'm here in this house.

But when I'm no longer here.. I don't know. She lets my family approach her too, so it'll probably be okay, but she'll miss me. I don't think she's crazy enough to think I went back home, and to try to go back there to look for me. She's got a collar with my phone number + mom's, and she is very vocal about it when she is in distress. She'll be fine.

In case I don't update again: I leave tomorrow morning, and will be in the US in the afternoon. :)

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