Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Home safe, I guess.


I'm at my mom's place. Although there have been two sightings of a cat that was most likely Odessa recently, she hasn't responded to my calls. Maybe she roams, coming back here every other day or so. Anyway, I'll be going back on Wednesday even if I don't find her, since I have to see that psychologist on Thursday. If Odessa does show up in time, I might return tomorrow.

There's an available apartment in one of the other buildings here, we're going to see it tomorrow. If it is sufficient and not significantly more expensive, I think I'll take it, but I'm worried about Odessa.. There are dogs and cats around here, and I don't want her to be skittish around her own home. She's never been in a fight, but whenever she meets another cat they'll hiss at each other and make threats.

Moving out here means getting a new case worker, new doctor, new shrink, etc.. I'd really like to move somewhere in the same part of town that I live, maybe a bit closer to the forest. But there's nothing affordable available.

Also, it would probably be harder to find a job around here than in Oslo. And I'd have higher travel expenses. The plus side is that I'd be neighbors with my mom and two youngest siblings.

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