Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Looks like I've maxed out my happy news quota for the month.


Sometime this morning, Odessa bled on my bed. That is, I found a blood stain, still moist. But I couldn't find any sign on her body that she had been bleeding. And I know it's not my blood.

Sometime later, another blood stain appeared, this one smaller. Still no sign of an open wound on the cat. She seems fine, perhaps a bit lethargic, but I'm not surprised she's not her usual self yet. She's regained most of her normal weight.

Eventually found the source of the bleeding to be her left eye. From time to time she'll expel some blood, and it looks really gross.
I'm worried about her, and worried that the vet bill is going to be huge.

She doesn't seem to be particularly discomforted about it. She's been resting a lot today, gone out for short periods of time, probably just so she doesn't have to use the litterbox. She's still not climbing down from here, or up into the attic, but she's climbed up here from the ground once.

Any advice? Current plan is to pay close attention to her tomorrow and take her to the vet first thing in the morning on Monday. If she gets drastically worse, I'll take her to the emergency pet clinic less than an hour of walking from here.. but I'm hoping that won't be necessary. I'm sure it's pricey, and money is in short supply these days.
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