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Today was pretty good.


I got a long walk, and grocery shopping done. It was a bit on the hot side, but when I got back home I discovered it was only 20°C in the shade. Surprisingly, I did not enter my customary comatose state as I usually do after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Cooked up a fairly good vegetable soup with tofu. Would've been better if I had added some black pepper and other spices, but at least I didn't forget the salt this time. I sometimes forget the very basics when doing complicated things.

Falling further and further behind on my reading backlog. Reading 42 books this year is starting to look improbable. But eventually I'll be on summer vacation with little or no internet access, and there are bound to be rainy days.

I guess the wide availability of anime is partially to blame. I mainly read while trying to fall asleep in bed.

(Probably) going to a funeral on Thursday. Although it is something I haven't really done before, it doesn't fill me with dread, because nothing is expected of me other than my presence, and even that.. well, not many people would notice it if I wasn't there. I wasn't particularly close to the man who died, but he was a friend of the family, and a good man. I should be there. Want to, because I'm curious as to how mormon funerals are done.
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