Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

First day on psych drugs.


Impatient for change. I was told not to expect any difference for a week or two.

Harriet-san just left, saying she'd be back on Sunday or later. House to myself for an extended weekend, yay.

The only non-frozen meat I got in Sweden has a use by date of tomorrow, so I'm going to attempt to make an awesome stew or casserole or whatever you'd call it. I just braved the sun again to go to Vinderen, to the greengrocer there, and got a lot of different vegetables, some apples, fresh basil and oregano, and tofu. (The tofu won't be used in this meal, since I have REAL MEAT for once.)

This is going to be way too much food for me alone. Maybe I can freeze some for later, or call around to family members and see if anyone can come over.

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