Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

First day on psych meds, continued.


Am noticing that I feel more anxious than usual. I don't think it's the drug, but rather the nightmare I had tonight. Does this make it the third or fourth time I've dreamed that the vile one is trying to kill me? I'm afraid I'll never be free of this fear.
Someone came around the house at about 19:20, knocked on the door. Could only see jeans-clad legs from up here. Was scared, didn't go down to see who it was, just pretended to not be home until they went away.

I cooked an awesome dinner today. It was supposed to be stew, but it was thin enough to be called soup, so I guess it was beef soup with vegetables. Could have used more meat, but I actually ran out of space in the pot. When I get my own kitchen, I'm going to get one of those large iron pots, and use it maybe twice a year.

When I weighed myself this morning, I was dismayed to see that I had gone a full kilogram over what has been my max weight for months. I did not eat that much sugarstuff after the shopping trip of DOOM!, I really didn't. It's not fair. And all those really long walks I've taken recently? Why aren't they helping.
I'm due to have my period within the next few days, hopefully it's just my body retaining fluid in preparation for the great purge.

Noticed I'm not using my 500W Halogen lightcaster of DOOM! anymore - during summer, it doesn't really get dark and gloomy. Using my fan every day now, though. The weather has been just awesome lately.. but part of me wishes it would rain so the slugs would come out. I don't think I'll get to see Limax maximus mating this year either. I wonder if they breed in captivity. I bet that setting up a functional environment for them would take up more space than I'd be willing to sacrifice, and cost more money than I could save in half a year.

I've barely used my laser printer at all. I want to print something, but there's really nothing I need to print now.
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