Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Second day on psych meds. (forgot to post this yesterday - manually editing the date)


I find myself smiling like an idiot for no apparent reason. . Placebo effect, probably. I know it's not going to start working yet. Or maybe it's because I have a few kilos of chocolate stashed away.

Restless. I have so many things I should do, and few want to do that are doable. Had planned to spend more time in the kitchen this weekend, but after yesterday I really have had enough of cooking for a while. It was fun, and delicious, but so much work for just a meal. I understand why people eat out, but with Norway's prices, you'd have to be rich to do that more than once a month.

What I would like is have another family get-together, with a barbecue or something. It's rare for all of us to get together. At the funeral last week, Aniki and Sigmund were absent. Aniki had to work, and Sigmund didn't want to go. Some times it has been over a year between one full family gathering and the next. For Giftmas, I'm probably in Florida and my dad in Thailand or somewhere. And my sister keeps flying to Finland to meet her boyfriend.

I think it was last fall, or was it the year before, that we actually got together just because we wanted to. That was cool. Until they started talking about politics, anyway.

Been tired much of the day. As usual, I woke up several times during the night. Dreamed I was watching porn, again. I don't remember the other dreams.

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