Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

I am only posting daily updates because otherwise I'd lose count.


So, I guess this is the fourth day on Cipralex. Changed my morning routine around to eat breakfast first, then shower. Done and dressed almost half an hour before noon today.

Not motivated to go anywhere. Memory card of my camera is full, and I should look through and sort the photos, instead of dumping them all in the same folder. Over 1300 photos that need sorting, so many the spooned file manager is lagging severely when tabbing for filename completion.

I think the drug may be blocking the feeling of uselessness I get when I think of how I let my laziness prevent me from leading a worthwhile life. It's okay to stay inside and watch cartoons all day.

Soil under my fingernails. I just transplanted the oregano and basil plants from their restrictive little plastic containers into my lovely, self-watering flowerbox, together with my baby oak tree and avocado sapling. Together with my rapidly growing potato plant, they make my veranda a nice place. I should get a bigger pot for my potato.

This reminds me of a fond memory I have of our days at Brårud. Not just a big house, we had a large garden as well, and it wasn't all lawn. One year we had a small potato field. I remember all of us working together to harvest, having fun.. making all kinds of potato dishes with our own produce.

Sweetpeas. Broccoli. Carrots never turned out well, always eaten by worms. We never used pesticides. And the strawberries.. those were wonderful. We had a couple of young apple trees planted too, but we didn't even get a dozen apples out of them before we moved. I hope whoever lives in that house now kept the trees. I miss it, our five-bedroom house. I miss our large kitchen.

Reply notification emails aren't coming through. There's the recent comments page, but it doesn't tell me when there's a reply to something I've said outside of my own journal.


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