Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

It finally rained today


Some rain this morning. Enough to make some snails go out, I even saw some in the act of mating. I'm not sure about the first couple I saw, though, it looked more like one was trying to eat the other one, or rip it out of its shell so it could take the slightly bigger one. Seriously, it was gnawing on the other snail.

Didn't see a single slug, though. Anyway, I found my way to Trygdekontoret at Røa and got my freecard. ^_^ It took approximately two minutes.
Afterwards I wandered around, down some streets I have never been before. When I finally got back home, I had been out for nearly five hours. Tired.

There was some light rain while I was out, but by the time I got back home, I was dry again. More rain this afternoon, lasting for hours. Sounds like it's over now.

Stuff to do before vacation:
Clean Odessa's travel cage
Get new prescription for psych meds so I won't run out while on vacation
Email cousin and ask when he's going to be at home / what to do with the photos from last year
Empty both memory cards (probably multiple times before I go) and don't forget to pack the memory card reader unless I have a laptop with built-in reader by then.
Probably another seven things that escape me.

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