Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

End of day six.


I think the drugs are preventing me from getting depressed about my financial situation. It's pretty bleak right now. I'm not under, but I should have had a lot more saved up for upcoming expenses. I have enough to pay the internet bill that's due in a few days, and nearly 1/6th of the rent, where normally I'd have at least half. Payday before the day it's due, I'll be fine. But taking nearly a full rent payment out of it doesn't leave much for food or other expenses. Nearly out of cat food too; will need to buy another sack out of this paycheck, that's 400 kroner (and lasts ~3 months). And ARCON is going to cost me some.. I might also end up paying for my little brother to go, if he can't raise the money himself in time. (Several people owe him money, so he should be able to - I'm just a backup solution thankfully). Anyway, being at a convention means increased food expenses. I might cook in the morning and bring with me, but I'll still need to buy something.

There's my tax return money next week, but I think it'll mostly go to getting me back on top. I had wanted to buy a chair for that money. Or a English Windows XP Pro license for my future laptop. Does anyone in or around Oslo have a used office chair they are willing to part with for a small sum of money? It doesn't have to be green.

Was able to cheer up my beloved aetherspoon, if just a little. That in turn made me feel happy, because for most of the time he's been down, I've felt powerless to help.

Was able to install xchat on Secunda and connect to mp3depot - so the IRC issue is out of the way. Still need to learn about video players and codecs, but I can't use Secunda for that - it's only a Pentium II 333MHz.

My mom and sister came by for a while, so Sigrid could say goodbye before flying off to Finland for the summer.
She's planning to buy a cheap used laptop, and I convinced her that she'd be just as well off running Linux as Windows, and I think there's a good chance she'll do just that if it doesn't come with a Windows license.

Served them herbal tea and gave them a few teabags to go; two of one untried and two of Tension Tamer, leaving me with just one teabag left of that. Will have to restock, it's wonderful. Also let mom have one of the 2kg bags of chicken breast I got in Sweden. She'll pay me back for it later, giving me a small profit, and it'll still cost her about half of what the same product would cost here in Norway. ^_^

Earlier today, I started watching Lost together with Kaos-kun (xenodias). We watched the first two episodes, and so far I think it is awesome. The characters are interesting, and I can tell there is going to be lots of development. Unfortunately, it won't be until Monday that the both of us will have time to watch more of it together.

On my own, catching up on The 4400 so I don't have to dodge spoilers for the new season. Currently on the last episode of season two, but I'm not sure if I'll finish that tonight. Haven't downloaded any season 3 stuff yet, but that won't take an hour, so it can wait.
Tags: computer geekery, family, lost, money woes, tea

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