Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Day nine.


It was weird to be back at Arcon. Must be several years since last time I went. Lots of familiar faces and voices, but I can't place a name to over half of them. I just don't remember names very well.

Checked my bank accounts this morning and noticed the tax return money had arrived. Yay, I'm rich.. Or at least I will be until I spend it all next week. :P

I don't really have time to describe everything that happened. I had fun. Sigmund arrived just in time to not disrupt the game I was attending. During break-time, I was surprised to find him making waffles and toast by the entrance - he'd signed up as a gopher.

Took lots of photos - will upload the good ones later, probably after the con. Left earlier than Sigmund; he had a game he wanted to play. If it gets too late, I'll just leave the door open for him so he can get in without disturbing me. Either way he'll call my cell first; if it's turned off, it means I've gone to bed.

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