Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Forgot to post last night, as usual.


Arcon was fun, and after we got back home, we had some more fun. Sigmund and I watched three episodes of House, and we're planning to watch the last five today.

I feel a little guilty about not uploading the photos yet, so I've started working on that. Here's a small sample:
(click thumbnails for larger image)

Original images at 2048x1536 are available. My camera isn't that great, so most of the indoors photos are too dark, and most of the photos taken at a longer distance are grainy, and capturing anything in motion is hopeless.. So while I took hundreds of photos, you'll probably only see a fraction of those. Also expect to see a lot of the guy in the second photo, as he is my brother. Congratulations on winning gopher of the year, Sigmund!
Tags: arcon, photos

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