Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Ancient history


I was browsing the latest uploaded torrents at and saw something that has been buried in my memories for probably over a decade. Time Tunnel. I liked that show, I think. I barely remember it. No complete torrent, just a batch of 1-10 that's not seeded, and single torrents of 16-18. 1966.. That's old.

Sigmund forgot his cellphone in my room. -_-

My herbs aren't doing very well. Maybe some fertilizer will help, or maybe it'll make them die faster. The oak tree seems to have the same disease as last year. The avocado sapling seems fine. I doubt I can keep it alive long enough to see it bear fruit, though.. wikipedia says they bear fruit from when they are around four to six years old. I have a feeling that the first winter I keep it indoors, the cat will eat it.

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