Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Catfood shopping and more.


Whee. I got approximately 15 kg of cat food. Like last summer, I am going to feed the cats of Brosvika. The person at the veterinarian clinic was impressed by my generosity toward the half-wild cats and gave me a 10% discount. :D

Thanks to my large backpack, I managed to carry it all back home. I hope mom doesn't get upset that I'm filling so much of the space in the car with cat food.. but it's just the two of us this time, so there should be room.

I read through the stuff aetat sent me again, and no matter which way I look at it, it seems to me that they sent me about half of the papers they should have, and the other half are the wrong forms. -_- I wonder if I'll be able to straighten out this mess before leaving on vacation. Doubtful. Also, the letter is signed by someone else than my case worker, so I suspect he's having his vacation now.

Since I was too encumbered on the way home, I didn't get to do my grocery shopping, but I picked up a honeydew melon and some norwegian strawberries at the local produce stand.

Tired now.

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