Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
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I have my laptop.

But it is proving very tricky to install anything on it. Thanks to generous help from aetherspoon, I managed to slipstream an install CD that actually recognizes that the computer has a harddrive. I am forever in his debt.

So, I'm leaving on vacation in a few hours, if Odessa doesn't run away again. She seems a bit agitated right now. I think she knows.

I bought an extra 512MB of RAM for my laptop, so I could have 1GB total, but I do not have a screwdriver small enough to open where I need to insert it. -_- I really need one of those miniature screwdriver sets.

Also got a DVD-burner for Matsuri, some DVD-Rs and some CD-Rs (I was down to ONE of the latter).

I really liked Psych. Thank you, indigoskynet for the recommendation. I in turn recommended it to my little brother, and sent him the file (at an average speed of 86KB/sec.. got to love having bandwidth) last night. Not sure if he has seen it yet.

I don't know if I'll have any internet connection worth mentioning while I'm gone. The laptop (named Chiron) has wireless LAN, so I might find an open network to leech off in Eivindvik or somewhere, but I'm not going to count on that. In case I don't see you guys again until early August..

devosama, I still love your art even though I haven't commented on anything recently. I particularly liked that piece with Sado-kun you did not long ago.

xiayin, please don't disappear.

xenodias, I'll be waiting to watch more Lost until I get back, since I have so much else to watch, not to mention better things to do than to stare at a screen. But I'll be looking forward to resuming our together time.

nursemette, I wish I could have joined you guys for the Silent Hill movie, but I've been too freaking busy and stressed out. Hope to see the photos later.

All of you, have a nice summer. Kriatyrr out.
Tags: vacation

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