Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Report from Brosvika, #1


I'm having a great time here. Got sunburned today. Went swimming yesterday.

Few cats here, as they hired someone to kill off most of them recently. :(

The survivors are Piraten, Fresa and Umio, who has been renamed to Batman. It sounds like he has a respiratory infection, but otherwise he seems kind of happy now that he gets proper food - he has been observed playing with a toy.

Although Chiron has three ways of going online (ethernet, wireless, analog modem), it lacks the one possibility this place has: ISDN. -_-

Actually, there is a fourth way: I have the DCU-11 cable which connects my cellphone to the laptop, however I have no idea how to use my cellphone as a modem. Might need some drivers, I don't know. Might also need a dial-up subscription as well.

niichan: I forgot to get your new address. Email it to me at my domain; I remembered to quit TB back home, so I can read it via the web from here.
Tags: vacation

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