Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Spring cleaning in late summer


My largest harddrive has had its master file table partially destroyed. Don't ask how, I'm not quite sure myself. Fortunately, this drive contains mostly replaceable or redundant files. No other drives were affected. The corruption seems to have affected over half of my files, so I'll be busy re-downloading stuff for more than a week, I'm sure. Niichan says I may need to reformat the drive. Planning to go buy a new harddrive tomorrow, so I'll have somewhere to put the files that weren't corrupted while I format the old drive. I could always use more space, anyway.

Also have to take Odessa to the vet for her yearly re-vaccination tomorrow.

Amidst all this chaos, I'm strangely calm. Haven't cried or even felt distressed. Maybe I will if I discover I've truly lost something.. but so far it seems that everything can be restored to normal with lots of time and bandwidth.

LJ has not been able to hold my attention much lately. I don't read much, and I write even less. Chiron is still shiny, and great for playback of all sorts of video files. Between that and drinking tea, days just drift past..

Just a few more days of this, then I'll go back to facing reality. But I need this vacation to last a little longer.

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