Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

laptop things.


Things I wish to fix on the laptop:

* Get TV-out to work under linux.
How? Don't know. Install updated drivers perhaps. Have located and downloaded drivers, but no idea what to do from there.

* Be able to write to the FAT32 partition in linux.
Noticed in Device Manager this under the drive: volume.mount.valid_options     list     ro, sync, dirsync, noatime, nodiratime, noexec, quiet, utf8, shortname=, codepage=, iocharset=, umask=, dmask=, fmask=, uid=

ro is read only. I tried changing it to rw, but it just reverted to what it was before. Although I can seemingly edit the line, it just reverts to that when I hit enter. (can't change anything in device manager)

I've tried editing the fstab file, but the drive still gets mounted by root, with no write access to anyone else.. and ubuntu doesn't allow me to be root, just to grant root access for single tasks. Have tried to sudo chmod and some stuff, but it didn't do anything. (but it let me get write access to the folders where I had previously mounted the drive so I could delete those, which were left read only because they had been created by root)

I'm using Ubuntu more often, and Windows less, but these two issues are my main reasons for ever booting into windows these days.
Tags: chiron, linux, ubuntu

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