Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Knitting: I think I'll finish this handbag tonight. Next will be a funny hat, but I'll need to buy more yarn first. Surprised at how fast it runs out. Point of frustration: I can't read patterns. There's a whole bunch of knitting lingo and abbreviations that are just gibberish to me. I guess I'll just wing it for now.

Watching more classic Doctor Who.. Last serial with the first doctor, "The Tenth Planet".. I suppose they need to rename that to "The Ninth Planet" now. -_- (First incarnation of the cybermen, yay)

Payday tomorrow. Going to buy yarn, more yarn, and cat food. I think there was something else as well, but if there was, I have forgotten it. Not tea, not blank DVDs.. no idea.

Need a knitting icon. Maybe "I knit, therefore I am productive." >_>
Tags: doctor who, knitting

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